The Brainport is one of the leading centres for technological innovation in Europe; a region known for the creativity of its designers, engineers, entrepreneurs and research. It attracts well-educated innovative professionals and their families, who benefit from the flexible, caring and multilingual nature of the people who have made this area their home.   

The Brainport, with Eindhoven at its heart, has technology in its DNA. This is why so many international companies are based here. Even its cultural events, such as the Glow Festival, and Design Week have technology and innovation as their focus, and have been created explicitly to encourage information sharing and the building of networks of people and companies.

Importance of ISE for the region
The Brainport’s leaders understand that to maintain its position as one of the leading centres for innovation, it must continue to attract talent internationally. The International School Eindhoven was created specifically with this in mind.

Not only would our school provide the highest standard of international education, but it would be ‘More than A School’ – a school at the heart of a vibrant community, enabling families to develop a sense of belonging as quickly as possible.  

The Brainport has helped us to create a beautiful and green campus for children of all ages. We ensure that each and every child is known and cared for from the time they first enter our school. We are also committed to ensuring that they will continue to be supported as they are challenged to realize their potential.  
We recognize our responsibility in helping this region to continue to attract and retain a highly educated workforce; we take this responsibility seriously.

Our curriculum is designed to enable students to continue their studies in leading educational institutions of the world, while providing a holistic education which ensures that students will develop as creative, innovative and confident leaders within the Brainport’s next generation of designers and entrepreneurs.


International School Eindhoven
Oirschotsedijk 14b
5651 GC  Eindhoven
Postbus 1310
5602 BH  Eindhoven
T: +31 (0)40-251 94 37

Primary School
E: primary@isecampus.nl

Secondary School
E: isse@isecampus.nl